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The Maharaja of Mastipur & The Pet Tiger

The Maharaja of Mastipur & The Pet Tiger from Maharaja Series

Welcome to Mastipur!


At the centre of this world is a Maharaja with a most peculiar hobby, or should we say obsession! Discover what it is and what makes each and every member of his family so fun and zany! There is a Princess and Prince, the Maharani herself, the Maharaja’s mama and the Maharaja’s most important minister who is of course Pranky, Minister of Pranks, gags and antics! They all live in the vast kingdom of Mastipur with much room for exploration and adventure.  

The Pet Tiger

Everyone seems to have a pet and with all that peer pressure the little Prince has to have one too! But he cannot have a dog like the others. He is a Prince! He needs a pet worthy of his position – a Royal Bengal Tiger. So the Maharaja gave his son a regal cat with all he could need to take care of it. Very soon the little Prince discovers, royal cats, like all royals don’t like to do very much! But when Bully Bison starts harassing the villagers will the Prince and his pet find their colours and come to the rescue?

Main characters

  • Prince: he is a chip off the old Maharaja block. He loves pranks – especially if they involve clockwork creations. He loves to help Pranky design and build pranks. He wants to make his father proud – by pranking him every chance he gets. If he can successfully pull a brilliant, creative prank on his own, he will be just like his beloved father. His love of pranks is second only to his love for his pet tiger, Shera. They have grown up together like brothers, supporting each other every day and in every adventure.
  • Pet Tiger Shera: He has been raised in the palace with the Prince since he was an orphaned cub. He has known no other life. So naturally he understands humans, likes to walk on his hind legs, and loves to play pranks with the Prince…they do not act like a Prince and his pet – they are TWO BEST FRIENDS! Shera is as smart as a human and does not have a mean bone in his body.
To be continued:

This book is just one part of the Mastipur universe. Here is where you can see more of the Maharaja and Pranky:

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