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Crossover: The company behind Guppy Theatre


Crossover Media and Design is an independent, multinational media and entertainment IP creator and producer, headquartered in Mumbai, India.


We are transmedia specialists, creating characters and stories children will love across multiple platforms using current and emerging digital technologies. We are also parents with a passion for the future of children’s entertainment and development.

Our “Creator Village” includes carefully selected, award winning producers, directors, artists, animators, scriptwriters and technologists from countries around the world. We are backed by  intelligent and sophisticated companies and individuals committed to providing inspiring, entertaining and educational products for children in the 21st Century.

Concurrently, we’ve been building a network of creative production and distribution partners on the cutting edge of new media and associated business models designed to optimise the production and marketing of high quality creative content.



The Crossover Media and Design (COM) journey began 8 years ago with the creation of the “Guppy” brand who introduces children to fabulous story universes. The lead story universe began as a series of books, entitled The Kingdom of Mastipur, the tale of a mischievous prankster of a Maharaja. This published book series was a success with children all over India. The story world of the Maharaja and its characters have also been adapted into a theatre production, designed to generate direct feedback and explore different forms of entertaining and educational interaction with an enthusiastic young audience. Supported by psychologists and US based scriptwriters, the COM team further developed story lines, and concepts for the Kingdom of Mastipur, to script and storyboard two, 26 part animation seasons.

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