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Introducing Guppy!

This is Guppy, your guide to amazing story universes. A magical, shape-shifting, unreliable but lovable companion bringing adventure, discovery, fun and learning. You’ll find him at Guppy Theatre!


What is Guppy Theatre?

If Guppy is your guide, Guppy Theatre is the gateway! Inspired by traditional theatre and travelling plays, Guppy Theatre also transcends the physical platform and can be accessed through different media both digital and analogue. At Guppy Theatre “all the world’s a stage” so kids can find it online at home, with friends at a show, in an animation series or in the pages of a book.

The possibilities, like the universe itself, are endless!


How does that work?

Through the magic of transmedia storytelling, we can create an experience of a story across multiple platforms from books to theatre to TV shows as well as other digital technologies. These various formats are like different doorways to the same house where children can immerse themselves in these fantastic worlds. Our young habitue will not only be able to hear, see and read a story but also influence it. They can meet its characters, discover its geography and partake in all the adventures.

What we Offer

At Guppy Theatre we want to create a space for kids where they can discover and express themselves with both heart and mind. Where they can appreciate their singularity while connecting with others around them. Where they can learn to think independently while acknowledging multiple perspectives.

We want them to imagine and re-imagine the world they live into know how to connect the dots but also how to fall between the gaps and come out flying.


How we do what we do

No text-book can teach them that. That is the power of storytelling and at Guppy Theatre we go beyond that. We show that stories can be transformed by the medium in which they are told but it can also be transformed by those who listen to them. We show that the same story can have different forms and that thinking differently is not only possible but lots of fun!

So Guppy theatre offers a collaborative form of storytelling where kids can learn the powers of their own imagination and develop a stronger sense of who they are.Through Transmedia storytelling Guppy Theatre opens up new ways for our young patrons of the 21st century to access great content that entertains while fostering intelligence, creativity, understanding, collaboration and courage.


Where is this Guppy Theatre?

What’s unique about Guppy Theatre is that it comes in so many different shapes it can be accessed from practically anywhere. In addition to a physical presence in the form a puppetry show or an exhibition, Guppy Theatre can also be accessed digitally through animated series, interactive games, VR and AR.


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