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‘The puppet show is where kids can see stories inspired by the Maharaja book series live on stage. This show is a unique mix media experience that allows the kids to interact with the characters and participate in the action.’ – Anurupa, show director

At Guppy Theatre we invite our young viewers to become a part of the story!


What’s Pranky up to?

The current show at our puppet theatre is about a very naughty Maharaja from Rajasthan and his indispensable Minister of Pranks, Pranky. This Maharaja plays pranks on everyone, much to the annoyance of his mother Rajmata. Now they are expecting very special visitors – the King and Queen of England themselves! What has the Maharaja and his minister got in store for them?


The Prince and his Shera

The young Prince and his pet tiger Shera also have their own story to tell. Come and see them in our show with shadow puppets, masked puppeteers, music and lots of fun!


How are theatre show works

The puppeteer in our show is not hidden. In fact, the puppet and the puppeteer often become actors in the story – a meta fictive approach that makes, not just the story but, the process of storytelling, come to life.

Rather than a single screen, the show features a dynamic stage with multiple projections on multiple shadow screens. The puppeteers wear large masks that increase their stage presence and help make their characters more engaging.

Puppetry as an art form is about drama, but also metaphor and abstraction. Nothing is entirely defined or real in the puppet world, which creates a safe and fantastical space which is also tactile and kinaesthetic. This is what Guppy Theatre aims to do, to invite kids into the story. They are not passive members of the audience but go on a physical journey with the shadows and the masks and all their favourite characters.


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